Sunday, March 1, 2009

Synthetic Motor Oils

Are Synthetic Motor Oils and Greases good for Survivalists?

Are they really good and cost effective for our vehicles, generators, garden equipment, chain saws, etc? In a word, Yes…. They will protect and prolong the life of your equipment. This fact is especially valuable when TSHTF and you have no extra money or available oil and need to stretch the run time of your equipment until times are better.

I have used synthetic motor oils for more years than I care to admit. I use synthetics exclusively in the many race engines, transmissions and rear ends I have built for other people. The wear resistance and high working temperature properties are truly amazing along with their easy sub-zero cold weather starting ability because they do not gel or thicken (for all of you way up north this is a life saver) and the opposite is true for desert heat, synthetics simply do not breakdown like conventional lubricants do at high operating stresses and temperatures. This is a big plus for Truckers and RV’ers who use it in their engines, transmission and rear axles.

I’ve also been using synthetics in my generators, garden equipment and other engine driven tools. This equipment has never tasted anything else!

What brand and weight synthetic oil do I use in my personal homestead equipment engines? Valvoline, Full Synthetic, 5W30.

There are many advantages to using synthetics and the big one for me is the extended length of time between oil changes. Oil changing is something I really, really hate to do; I’d rather give a cow a bath! A common question about synthetic oils is exactly what makes it possible to extend the oil change intervals. Simply, synthetic motor oils are highly resistant to the destructive effects of heat, and do not break down like petroleum oils.

The cost of synthetics is now very close to conventional oils. Yesterday, I was at Wally World and name brand conventional oil was $3.67 a quart, Valvoline Synthetic was $4.50 a quart….(as of 2009)

I do use synthetic chassis grease but I’m just not comfortable with extending the ball joints and tie rods lube intervals because it is not a recirculating lube system. I need more trusted data about extending those before I do it.

Do I recommend Synthetic oils and greases? Yes.
Do I save money using Synthetics? Yes.
Will my vehicle engines and transmissions last longer? Yes.
Will my homestead equipment and generators last longer? Yes.
Do I avoid the hated oil changes? Big Yes!

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