Sunday, August 9, 2009

Log Cabin Construction

If you're thinking about building a log cabin the download below is priceless. Excellent information on how to build a cabin the right way!!!

I don't know if you're like me but when I walk into a log home or like my sisters 'A-frame' home I immediately feel that this is how I should be living, the sense of calm and peace is very strong.

Today when seaching for water well do it yourself information, I stumbled onto what I feel is the best overall knowledge and information yet for log homes. It is about building log homes, do it yourself style for the Alaska weather and details every aspect of the construction including insulation of the home and pumbing. The publication was created for use by the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation and is done exceptionally well with lots of diagrams and drawings.

If anything download the PDF (a big one, just over 16meg) and burn it onto a CD for future reference.

Here's the link to the main site:

This is the entire manual: Log Building Construction Guide (16 meg)

If anything download Chapter #4: Chapter 4: Building the Log House


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