Saturday, August 1, 2009

One Man’s Wilderness

“One Man’s Wilderness” is the title of a DVD that was featured on PBS and has two companion books about Dick Proenneke who left civilization to live in the Alaska wilderness alone, built a cabin with only hand tools and live without electric power of any type for over 30 years.

I would guess that in the back of your mind you’ve always wanted to bail-out of society and live in a remote area, build a cabin and live peacefully in a free Mountain Man life style. This is a must see DVD. No rich spoiled brats filming this but just one determined man doing it all by himself. When it comes to what you can do with a few hand tools used to build a small cabin, this video will inspire you, I know it has me. Dick Proenneke was 52 years old, yes I said 52, when he left for Alaska and began his “One Man’s Wilderness” adventure, live year round there off the land until he was in his 80’s.

Even after many DVD viewings I still am amazed at what he accomplished. The full length DVD is detailed with the construction of the cabin, doors, wooden hinges and much much more all made with simple hand tools and I also purchased both the books. The address for the full length DVD is at the end of the first video or at his web site below. Buy it for yourself or a gift for a Survivalist leaning friend.

For those interested, he had a revolver hand gun and a bolt action 30-06 rifle with iron sights for hunting and protection. Also, I did not find in any of his books or the DVD that he had a radio, interesting and brave to be so isolated, living alone and no way of calling for help should you have a serious axe injury, break a leg or become very ill.

The U.S. Dept. of Interior turned his home on Twin Lakes, into a Historic Site.

This video is only 9 minutes long and shows a brief summary of the cabin building and life in general there; the DVD is an hour long with much more detail.

This video was shot in 2008 of the inside of the cabin.

These videos are flying in several years ago.

Dick at 75 years old and visited at the cabin by Bob Swerer the writer.

Web site.

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