Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gamma Seal Lids

I wanted easier access to my bulk flour stored in a five gallon buckets. Every week I make all my own bread and some for a few neighbors, pizza dough and other baked goodies so I buy my All Purpose Flour in 25 lb. bags to save money; it’s about half the cost this way. Because I go through the 25 lbs. about every 6-7 weeks I personally feel there is no need for me to Mylar Bag it in a bucket, just need an FDA bucket to keep the bugs and moisture out. Flour stored long term, two+ years is Mylar Bagged with Oxygen Absorbers.

Last week I ordered four more 5 gallon buckets, two with regular gasketed lids and for the first time two Gamma Seal Lids to try out.

The reason I bought the Gamma Lids is to verify their product quality, ease of use and if they actually seal when closed before I buy anymore. If they are a good product I can see using them on my Oat Meal, All Purpose Flour and Wheat Grain buckets because I use these the most.

This is an outstanding product, well designed and strong. The quality is excellent and the seal is great. If you are like I was, not sure if these Gamma Seal Lids are worth it, go ahead and buy them they are a great product.

The Gamma Seal Lid comes in two parts;
1. The gasketed bucket mating ring that snaps onto the bucket rim just like a standard lid and yes you will need a mallet to install the ring onto the bucket.
2. The other part is the gasketed, threaded lid the “easily” screws on and off…. It has its own well designed gasket (o-ring) that seals perfectly with little pressure making the closing and opening of the lid very easy.

The Gamma Lid makes it easy to access the bulk flour as I need it (I won’t have to pry open the standard snap on bucket lids). In the kitchen I use Rubbermaid 1 gallon clear plastic jars for the everyday kitchen storage of my flour. I also use 1 gallon Rubbermaid jars for Oat Meal, Pancake Mix, Dry Milk and Grits and ½ gallon sizes for items like Brown Sugar, White Sugar, etc.

This is the bucket filled with 25 lbs. of flour, just barely fits.

US Plastics is where I buy all my buckets and lids for food storage. Great company and never had an issue with them. I don’t like using ‘used buckets’ for my food because you just don’t really know what’s been in them unless you work at that bakery etc and empty them yourself.

Just a note for those who buy new buckets;
Buckets come in two wall thicknesses, .075 and .090 of an inch thick. I purchase the .090 thick buckets for the extra strength, the extra cost (about $2.00) is worth it to me because this is my life saving food storage container and I want all the advantages I can get for its long term security.

For those of you who wish you had a slightly larger bucket they also have 6 and 7 gallon buckets and they sell the Gamma Seal Lids so you can order both and save the shipping as compared to buying Gamma Seal Lids elsewhere.

Gamma Company web site

6 and 7 gallon buckets

Gamma Seal Lids

5 gallon bucket I use


  1. Thanks for the info! I have a couple of these and use them for bulk flour, sugar and salt. However, I don’t have it in mylar bags, and was getting a little nervous about that after having read other parts of your page. But I rotate it all out every 4-6 months, glad to see you do the same. I think the gamma lids are great for food storage, and I use them for dog food and other things that need to stay dry in the basement.

  2. Morbid, I do like Gamma seal Lids, a great invention. I use them on dry foods that I regularly use such as sugar, salt, all purpose flour and wheat grain and the back up buckets use Mylar bags inside for the long term.