Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hurricane Katrina, the Lessons Never End

History will tell you that anytime there is a civil disturbance or natural disaster some people will take advantage of it to loot, destroy and harm other people.

I live in a hurricane prone area and for me I plan to stay if possible or if forced to leave due to potentially rising water I’ll definitely return immediately after the storm even if I have to walk in and protect my property. I am prepared for this kind of event and do not need food, city water, sewer or electric to live comfortably while protecting my property.

So now when I need my gun the most to protect my personal property, I now have to fear the police coming into my home and TAKING my weapon like they did in New Orleans as this video clearly and brutally shows.


So what is the solution? I really don’t know but selecting Mayors and Governors that are pro-gun may be the best way to prevent such a stupid use of police power. Maybe having an old clunker shotgun around to give them when they arrive at your door to confiscate guns. Obviously this is illegal and you could possibly go to jail if they force search your home looking for other weapons and find them or other ammo not for that shotgun.

I do know that each police department sets its own rules on how to enforce laws and when and how to enforce city ordinances, so local government participation on your part is required to protect your rights.

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