Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chainsaw Fuel Line Decay

My fuel line decay and becoming brittle is the fault of "Alcohol" the government mandates be in gasoline. Poulan recommends draining the fuel from the tank and fuel system including the fuel lines and carburetor before storing for more than 30 days!

I own a Poulan 16” Chainsaw, not the best but if like me you cut about a cord a year and have storm cleanup it does a good job. I have owned and used this one for 11 years now. Every spring I prep it for the up coming hurricane season or at least I thought I did; now I will make it a point to check the fuel lines every year.

This weekend driving home I saw a large branch (10 inch dia.) that snapped off a tree close to the road and easy to drive up next to. So I thought I’ll run home get my chainsaw cut it up and toss it in my truck, easy firewood!

I filled the chainsaw up with gas and went to start it when I seen gas dribbling out of it….. That never happened before! I took the top cover off and found all my fuel lines were brittle and broken.

So just a note; If you have chainsaws, generators and other emergency/disaster use gas power equipment it would be wise to check carefully and maybe change the fuel lines every 5 years including vacuum seal some spare lines. My generator will get its fuel lines changed this weekend!

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  1. This happened to our Husqvarna last year. We didn't figure it out until after the dang thing seized up half way through a cypress tree, and tore the whole thing apart.