Monday, August 2, 2010

Bread vs Grain Stocked*

Bread, a Very Important Survival Food
You can’t stock-up on bread because it’s perishable. If the stores are closed due to a disaster or the shelves are empty due to long term food distribution failures. What’s your option? You must bake it yourself.

Bread is important because it’s filling and good for you. During disaster times it also adds bulk to your stored food meals and makes you much more satisfied at the end of the meal because your belly is stuffed full.

If there are just 2 to 4 in your family and for a familiar survival mode meal plan you probably will bake the equivalent of 4-6 loaves of fresh bread or bread items every week. Imagine breakfast without toast, a grilled cheese sandwich without the bread or a burger without the bun, even simple soups taste better with a slice of bread or dinner roll.

Learn how and then bake bread every week even in the good times as there’s nothing better than home made, chemical free bread. It’s easy and you will be eating healthier than ever because you know what ingredients are in it!

For this example, let’s say your plans are to make just bread from that 400 lbs. of wheat grain stored. 1 lb. of wheat grain milled will make one loaf of bread and from what you have stocked, the 400 lbs. you can bake 400 loaves of bread.

Now the surprise; Here’s what else you need (besides a mill) to bake 400 loaves of bread.

Total amount of ingredients that must be stocked to bake 400 loaves of bread:
400 lbs. wheat grain (1 lb. per loaf)
37.5 gallons of water (500 cups)
47.5 lbs white sugar (100 cups)
3.2 gallons of oil (400 ounces)
8 lbs. dry yeast (400 tablespoons)
10.6 lbs shortening (400 tablespoons, greasing the pans)
200 lbs. of propane needed for baking in an RV oven (½ lb per baking cycle, 1 loaf).
300 lbs. of propane needed for baking in a full size oven (¾ lb per baking cycle, 1 loaf).
(if baking 2 loaves at a time you will use 1/2 the total amount of propane shown)

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