Saturday, April 28, 2012

DeWalt 18v Flashlight

My next LED table lamp project will make use of the DeWalt 18 volt batteries from my DeWalt drill which I’ll post soon. I purchased the DeWalt DW908 flashlight for $21 to make the new lamp from.

I received the flashlight this week that I intend to convert and was really surprised at how good this light is and thought I’d pass it on to those who want a powerful search type light and are undecided on which one to get.

The light beam is broad and full, not a spot type beam. At 20 feet it’s about 5 feet in diameter with even edge to edge light. Outside it illuminates areas easily to 100 feet so if you’re searching for someone or animals etc, this is a great light.

Product Description from the Manufacturer
Keep your work area brightly illuminated with the DEWALT DW908 flashlight. This compact jobsite companion features a bright-white Xenon bulb and pivoting head that rotates 90-degree, so you can aim the light exactly where it’s needed. The flashlight is powered by an 18-volt rechargeable battery and will provide three continuous hours of illumination on a fully charged battery. It’s backed by DEWALT’s 90-day money-back guarantee, one-year free service contract and three-year limited warranty. Battery and charger sold separately.

Powered by the DeWalt 18-volt system of battery packs Wide-angle beam maximizes light over a specific work area Pivoting head rotates 90 degrees, allowing light to project in any direction Extra-bright Xenon bulb maximizes brightness of the beam
Spare extra-bright Xenon bulb inside lens cover guarantees user will always have a working light Lightweight, compact design makes the flashlight durable and convenient. Battery sold separately

Voltage: 18 volts
Bulb: Xenon
Brightness: 335 lumens
Bulb life: 110 hours
Run time: 3 hours
Tool weight: 0.5 lbs.


  1. Quick thought on the lamp. Would you be able to fit the led bulb into the housing on the flashlight? Have you seen any other led upgrades that might replace the common xenon bulbs found in flashlights (other than maglights). I know niteize is one manual, not sure of others.

    Be sweet to upgrade dewalt light, then AOL the beam at a light or bright section of the ceiling. Difuse light for room lighting from above. May not be intense enough, but will definitely help in zero light condition.

  2. Hi Sheldon,
    I know they do make an LED replacement for this DeWalt and many other brands, just Google for it.
    I'm trying to make a conventional looking table lamp with a shade out of it so when I have to use it I'm not thinking of a flashlight but more of a normal life style when the power goes out to ease the pain of that situation.

  3. Is it just me or does the run-time seem mighty low? I wonder how much more time you'd get if you switched to LED?


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  5. Hey Mike,

    Technically, it should give you at least twice as much, I think, which would be at least 7 or close?


    Great Blog BTW.

  6. Not trying to be a pain here Mike but the numbers seem off or am I reading something wrong?

    From 10 watts @ 3 hours runtime/335 lumen


    3.5 watts LED and only gaining 1/2 hour of time?

    By the way, what is your LED replacement setup running it lumen? Do you know?

    I have one of these that I thought of making into bugout bag lamp for emergencies.

    They're only 80 lumen so I've read but they put out better than most standard flashlights I've seen and the runtime is 100 hours (I'm gonna test that to see). I'd like to get brighter.

    I also have replacement batteries from sanyo.. I love those things. They last forever it seems on a charge. I also have an assortment of those for my bags as well.

    Anyway, see you around.


  7. Hi Anon 9.22,
    Just a little, but many misunderstand watts and run time. Lumens have nothing to do with run time, lumens defines the bulb brightness. It is only the wattage draw per hour of the lamp that matters.

    The DeWalt xenon bulb uses 10 watts per hour to run continuously.

    The LED bulb I’m going to use, uses 3.6 watts per hour to run continuously.

    The DeWalt xenon will run for 3 hours and deplete the battery.
    Since the LED needs only 1/3 the wattage it will run for three times as long or about 10 hours to deplete the battery.

    The LED bulb I’m using is 180 Lumens.

    Hope this helps!

  8. That's exactly what I was getting at Mike.

    You said this:

    "The table lamp conversion I'm working on now uses a 3.6 watt LED and should give me 3.5 hours of run time."

    That didn't add up to me so I just threw a x2 number out, not getting into figuring out the exact or potentially exacting math on the system.

    BTW: You gave me an idea for a homemade lamp from a 18v battery and an LED I just got in.. Already tried it and it works, now I'm going to build a collapsible shade/reflector and a case to carry it in my bag.

    Just need to work out how I'm going to charge it safely off-grid. :)


  9. Now I see what you’re talking about! I reviewed my articles but couldn’t find the 3.5 hours of run time you spoke of. I found it in the Comments. Right now it looks like I have to delete that comment because blogger doesn’t allow me to edit comments.

    Thanks for the persistence!

  10. You're welcome Mike! I figured it was just a mistake and you meant to say 10 hours. I should have been a little more specific as to where I saw it too.

    Anyway, look forward to your future threads!



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