Sunday, September 9, 2012

Trigger Job, Remington 597, 22 Rimfire Rifle

The most inexpensive accuracy improvement you can make to any gun be it a pistol or rifle is reducing the trigger pull to around 3.5 lbs. High poundage trigger pulls of sometimes 8 lbs. like delivered on many new guns make you pull the pistol or rifle off target, even when bench rested. I have proven this myself many times. If you’re hunting for food the difference may mean a poor or missed shot and nothing to eat.

As with most every gun sold in the USA, litigation has forced the gun manufacturers to set up high trigger pulls for all the morons out there.

Normally a trigger job is performed by a gunsmith hand stoning, polishing and testing the trigger sear to develop the 3.5-4.0 lb. trigger. Fortunately, today there are numerous aftermarket trigger manufactures that make brand new trigger assemblies or individual components like the hammer/sear I needed for the 597.

I guess I am lucky that my Remington 597 had a reasonable trigger pull out of the box @ 4.25 lbs. But I knew the trigger could be made much smoother and reducing the trigger pull will allow for accurate shot placement.

Last week at the range when I was squaring the scope to the rifle and my groupings @ 50 yards bench rested were 1.75 - 2.25 inches with an occasional nice 1.0 inch group using bulk Remington ammo. It is the several groups of 1.0 inches that told me the rifle can shoot that size but the trigger needed work to get there.

A little searching on the internet and I found many people recommending the “Volquartsen Target Hammer”. Volquartsen is known for the Ruger 10/22 triggers and accessories. If you own a 10/22 check out their website

Installation is simple for the Remington 597. Just go online and someone will have a video to show step by step the process for your gun make.

The install would have taken 15 minutes if a spring and bolt catch from the magazine well wouldn’t have unexpectedly flown out and I had to hunt almost to Canada to find it!

First, I checked the stock trigger pull, it was @ 4.25 lbs.

The new hammer with the much improved sear engagement is on the left and original 597 trigger on the right.

Finished trigger pull is a super smooth and crisp 2.0 lbs. of pull.

Next weekend I’ll test the 597 using these common brands of ammo to see just which produces the best results: Remington, Federal, CCI Blazer, CCI Mini Mag and PMC. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Where I purchased the part for $40.

Good video on how to replace the hammer in a 597:

Rimfire Central good site for all rimfire rifles:

My Remington 597, 22 Rimfire Rifle

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