Sunday, December 1, 2013

Gamma Seal Lid Opener

As a user of 24 of the Gamma Seal Lids, I find that atmospheric pressure changes can make opening the lids sometimes like two monkeys having sex with a football!

Recently my wife told me that she has at times used a hammer to loosen the lids which got my attention quickly. There had to be a better way! Well there is. My prototype wrench needs only one person to open the Gamma Lids and is effortless.

Here’s what I came up with and anyone can make this simple wrench.

Here’s the wrench on the lid ready to unscrew the lid. All you need to do is grab the bail (handle wire) then the wrench and effortlessly unscrew the lid.

The wrench by itself.

For the materials all I used was a scrap piece of plastic from an old cutting board and 2 pieces of aluminum flat stock 1½ wide x 1/8 thick x 5 inches long. I bent them in my vice.

The aluminum is attached to the handle with a couple #10 screws and nuts.
That’s it! Simple and I like simple.

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