Friday, December 26, 2014

"The Shelter" - A must watch video for Prepper's and Survivalist's

(It looks like it was shot in the mid 1950's but I feel is spot on about today's unprepared people). Mike

Author 'StrongIslandPrepper's description of the video. Published on Oct 20, 2013.
Please take the time to watch this 23 minute Twilight Zone episode  It depicts a group of close friends who hear on the radio that enemy missiles are on their way and they need to take shelter within 30 minutes. Utilities were shut off. One friend had the previous foresight to build a bomb shelter and load it with two weeks worth of food and supplies, just enough for him, his wife, and child. His friends, however, never prepped. I won't tell you the rest but this is a true realization of how human society reacts in a dire emergency scenario. At the end of the episode ask yourself one key question: Which side of the door will you be on during a major crises?

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