Monday, February 9, 2015

Sea Shipping Containers

Here's how I see one of the best uses of sea shipping containers. Simple and reasonably inexpensive way to get a barn with secure equipment and feed storage.


  1. Mike,

    A quick way to not just use the containers for storage, love the idea of placing a roof over the top of two.

  2. is there a footer under the containers to prevent rust? a great idea!

    1. I see most people just place them on a gravel bed. However if I was making the investment like above I would set them on poured and reinforced concrete piers of the proper size to stay level, anchor them in place against high winds and to support all the weight. An empty 45 foot container weighs 10,300 lbs. Add all your stuff and the weight of the roof and possibly with a snow load you're talking a substantial load.

  3. Today I was at Lowes and parked near the kit buildings.The price ranged from 1000 to 10000. Even at todays prices for a container they cost less than half what stick built cost per sq.ft. Last time I looked a 45 ran 3000 plus delivery.