Monday, March 16, 2015

California Is Turning Back Into A Desert And There Are No Contingency Plans

If there ever was a reason to have a serious garden and grow veggies this article should be all you need for motivation. Food (meat and veggies) are expensive and now with California who is a major supplier of veggies in a serious water crisis growing your own may be necessary. I'm going to assume the numbers cited in this article are reasonably correct and if so next year could be the wakeup call.


  1. If you plant a garden how can you water it in a drought??

    1. Actually my comment was directed to those of us who need to save money on their food budget, sorry for not being clear about it.
      If living in a drought area and it looks to be prolonged you do the best you can with the available water and will have to pay the increased price or live with the unavailability of produce. One of my concerns is the Dept of Ag will allow more off-shore questionably safe produce to fill the gap.

  2. Mike in the short term it will make prices increase but in a decade produce will be grown east of the Mississippi . If plants or trees aren't native to an area there is a reason. If you have to MAKE IT GROW in an area its wrong for the area.