Thursday, June 25, 2015

How to Clean, Fillet, Debone and Skin an Alligator

This is probably not much use for you who don't live in the deep Southeast but thought I'd pass it along if you're ever find yourselves in the Florida swamps. It's not quite like dressing a deer just more work and knowledge of the animal.

This is a 9 foot alligator that when dressed yields 50 lbs of meat that wholesales for about $8.00 a pound.

Whenever I'm in a restaurant that has gator on the menu I order it. No, it doesn't taste like chicken, but a tough pork however still an interesting meal. It's generally served breaded and deep fried.


  1. Mike - thank you for this crazy information! who know when i might need to skin and fillet an alligator? it could happen!

    i have never had alligator but so many people eat it - i would definitely try it. and if tough-ish - it might be good in the slow cooker just like i do with tough cuts of pork and they always come out very tender. sweet and sour alligator with peppers and onions - it would work for me!!!

    your friend,

    1. Some supermarkets occasionally carry it and yes if I were cooking it, it would be in a crock pot!

      And who knows with our corrupt and out of control Congress they may decide to bomb Canada because to many of us down here are ready to move there :-) So you and Jam may be moving down here and instead of Jam fishing for trout we'll be hunting gators! :-)

  2. Mike,

    We used to have gators all the time where we lived in Florida. We lived off of Aligator Alley down in west Broward County.
    Those babies would get massive in size, and they could move real fast!

    Speaking of gators, just 2 days ago in the local news of Oklahoma a game warden shot a gator in a local lake. They recovered it's body, and were removing the gator. Apparently someone had a pet gator, didn't want it any more and dropped it at the lake. It's been at the lake for years, and has grown to a massive size.


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