Thursday, July 2, 2015

Kayak Towed with a Bicycle

A couple days ago I came across this photo of a bike towing a Kayak, something I never thought to do with my bike. I'm sure the same method would also work for a canoe. Myself, I live a stones throw from the ocean, the Intracoastal Waterway and many clean ponds and using a bike to get there is quite easy.

A bike with a cargo trailer and now being able to tow a light weight Kayak or canoe makes a lot of sense because I surf fish, shore fish or small pond fish for food and for the small ponds these boats work very well. Most of these spots are no more than 2 miles away so a bike is a credible mode of transportation. Using a little ingenuity you could fabricate and inexpensive strap-on-boat set of wheels or your existing bike cargo trailer to strap the Kayak or canoe onto. A simple home made tow/hitch boom fastened to the bikes frame will do the job (see photo).

I’m a fan of using a bicycle whenever possible and most definitely if we should find ourselves in a deeply depressed economy or disaster event such as a grid down for an indefinite time period when gas stations are closed because they can't pump fuel.


  1. I agree it would be easy to do for a Kayak. Canoes might be a bit more problematic sense they are usually way heavier but still within the realm of possibility. Back when I was kayaking everywhere I could pretty much carry my kayaks anyway so towing one behind a bike would be easy.

  2. Mike last month camping I saw kayak canoe and a small sail boat with this set up. Works for bike, scooter or by hand.

  3. Mike,

    Using a bike to haul the Kayak is a great way to get through town, then to the water to bug out.


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