Saturday, July 18, 2015

Solar 12 volt power can burn your house down!

Over at Backwoods Home I found this story written by their writer Electrical Engineer, Jeff Yago. It’s worth a look and a reminder that 12 volt solar systems are not idiot proof. They can be a fire hazard if installed improperly.

The story here:


  1. Even properly installed systems are dangerous if not properly maintained. A group of ignored batteries are dangerous. just my two cents worth.

  2. Mike,

    Before completing such a project, one must know the in's and out's totally and make sure to maintain the system.............otherwise you will end up with a problem. That advice goes with anything you install, or complete.

  3. In 1999, I put in a full blown system. Solar cells, inverter, generator, battery bank, the works. I hired a company in South Carolina to come install the thing for me. They warned me about fire hazards, especially about "gassing" from the battery bank. Your post reminded me of that.


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