Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

This may be another perfect Short Term Food Storage item. Every disaster pantry needs some kind of common treats such as cookies that can be baked in a camp stove Coleman Oven or on a rocket stove with the camp stove oven on top of it or in an RV kitchen. Goodies can make difficult survival times tolerable.

The other day I was at WalMart looking for some different types of storable foods and came across this Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix. Now I know just about anyone can bake Chocolate Chip Cookies because there’s a number of refrigerated ready to bake versions or simply buying enough of the ingredients and create them from scratch.

This mix caught my eye because shelf life according to this box is one year and it was just $2.50 for a double batch. A batch is 24 full-size cookies (2 tablespoons of dough). Everything you need including the chocolate chips is in the mix except for one egg (could use egg powder) and ¼ cup oil or use 1 stick of butter and water. I like oil because I stock it. This is simple and I like simple when it comes to stored foods and their preparations.

Best part? These cookies taste great, perfect texture and have lots of chips in them. This mix recipe does not let the cookies spread out flat and thin like the Toll-House and other recipes do. Worth a try, I’m sure you’ll like them! I have baked six batches so far and they are in the freezer waiting! :-D

Front of the box.

The two individual mix bags, one for each batch.

One batch ready for the oven. I use a fork and slightly press each dough ball slightly flat.

Fresh out of the oven. Notice how high they are!

On the cooling rack.

Here’s the scoop I use for baking and cooking. They’re sold by the Number 1,2,3,4 etc, but mine was made in China and not identified. It is however 1 5/8 diameter and is just shy of 2 tablespoons. It’s also great for portioning meatballs.

The scoop filled with cookie dough, 2 tablespoons.

On 9-22-15, I baked the same Wal-Mart prepackaged cookie mix only today it was "Peanut Butter" and “Sugar Cookies” both are delicious. Again everything is in the package so all you add is one egg and 3 tablespoons of oil.

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