Thursday, January 28, 2016

‘Rogue Wave’ an Ultra Small WiFi Access System

For Boat Cruisers, RV’rs, Bug Out communications or people who just want to save money by dumping their Internet connection and use free WiFi then this ‘Rogue Wave’ WiFi product may be for you.

Now, I’m no internet or electronic expert but where I live there are numerous WiFi signals 2-3 miles across the water from me that I could be connected to if I just had a signal amplifier to make a strong connection. The range of the ‘Rogue Wave’ is up to 7 miles with 5 miles common.

Currently, I pay $52 a month for a DSL connection but with a strong WiFi connection I could cancel that service and save the money. This ‘Rogue Wave’ is not cheap at around $400.00 but in about 8 months it would pay for itself! I intend to look deeper into this and will let you know what I find out and how it works for me.

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By V. WELCH on July 8, 2015
Finally! WiFi in Our RV! I can't tell you how excited I am to have this device.

Received it this afternoon and installed it and set it up (attached it to rear ladder of the motor home) in about 45 minutes. Finally, finally, we have decent WiFi in the RV.

If you're an RVer, you know that most RV parks have lousy WiFi--not enough routers and not enough bandwidth. My husband and I work from the road: we have to have reliable WiFi. Until today we've had to content ourselves with an expensive backup plan, the Verizon Jetpack. We've been purchasing more and more data since we got on the road 5 weeks ago. We can blow through our $150 monthly data plan in just 3 days--we've done it twice.

And now the Rogue Wave. I am working here at the galley table with five glorious bars of wonderful, wonderful secure WiFi--the manufacturer provides a unique password for each device. I can surf, send e-mails, and backup my files to the cloud instantly. Oh I love this device! The frustration of having unreliable WiFi the past 5 weeks is now over. Thank you, Rogue Wave!

Staying connected to the internet is important these days, and most cruising sailors have exactly the same needs as their land locked brothers.  We all want web access and email, and then there are Facebook & Twitter, online shopping, video downloads, chart updates etc etc.

Some years back we wrote about a simple hi-power Wi-Fi transceiver that worked well onboard Crystal Blues, but things have now changed.

There is a new kid on the block - the Rogue Wave from Wave WiFi - and it is a significant improvement over previous technologies for those who live on boats (or RV's, camper vans, etc).  We learned about the unit on the great Panbo website, but have only recently purchased and installed, once we had committed to leaving Singapore.

Using this thing is a revolution - imagine turning on the wi-fi connection and finding more than 50 hotspots to chose from (thats not going to happen everywhere, but you get my drift ...).  Or imagine connecting reliably to your favourite hotspot from more than 3 kilometres away ....while the boat is swinging at anchor, with no fancy directional antennas or complexity. Finally, think about one transceiver providing internet to all your on-board devices - from notebook PC's to iPads, smart phones and internet TV's. That's the promise, and (mostly) the reality delivered by the Rogue Wave.


  1. Hey Mike~ I realize that you are "off line" on a daily basis but I was wondering what you found out about this product? Is it as good as the hype?

    1. As of today it is the best for the money WiFi available.
      I feel it is the best option for boaters or RV'rs.