Wednesday, May 25, 2016

BOV's, Van Dwellers

I've added a new preparedness category called: Van Dwellers and RV Living Blogs. These blogs deal with using Vans and RV as back-up emergency or full time shelter.

An older but still very livable van.

A nice inside conversion of a high top van.

A Prepared person is one who has an alternative fixed or mobile shelter and provisions to wait out any one of the many possible disasters that can come upon us. A vehicle like a pick-up with a camper shell, a van, an RV trailer or motor home are all solutions for a safe and mobile shelter. Pick-up's and vans can be your everyday transportation so it's not like your investment just sits in the drive waiting for the day to be used. If you are family campers then RV trailers and motor homes would also get used regularly for fun and just incase, a truly self-contained mobile shelter that you already know you can live in indefinitely.

Off-Grid and living nearly free:
The way our government is destroying our culture and economy today is outrageous. It's possible because of them, that losing your home to foreclosure because there are not enough jobs for everyone including us so we can continue to pay the rent or mortgage can be a likely result. So, what is an alternative shelter?

All of the above but especially the utility vans like the Ford Econoline Van or Chevy Express Cargo Van. These are very popular with the "Van Dweller" crowd because of the low used price and ease of self-conversion to a comfortable long term shelter. Van Dwelling may become a necessity if your financial world collapses or you're simply throwing in the rat race towel in favor of the minimalist lifestyle or your retirement funds necessitate this low cost traveling/living lifestyle.

Below is a link dedicated mostly to Van Dwelling with maybe hundreds of well done videos interviewing Dwellers and how they converted their vans to live in. Many ideas here will help guide you through your own conversion by taking the their best  ideas that suit your lifestyle. It's where I'm getting my idea's for my Ford Mini Van conversion and re-doing some of what I've already done to make it better using actual Van Dwellers designs for livability.


We may someday meet on some free BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land.  :-)


  1. Great addition to the Blog . A bug out vehicle someday a useful vehicle any day.

    1. The more look into Van Dwellers the more of them I find. They're not uncommon anymore. It's too bad so many have no option but to live this way. Thanks for nothing CONgress! For the others who do it and enjoy it good for them!

    2. I saw a couple Van dwelling when we were camping last week. They had rented a site for the showers, power and water. They stayed one nite. Last year I met a young couple that was tent living saving for a van while working at a restaurant bar. For most its not voluntary its just their best option left.

  2. I have lived almost 20 years of my adult life in Rv's of one kind or another. I lived in a travel trailer when I traveled for work. I had a fifthwheel I lived in for almost 5 years and I have owned a motorhome since 2002. I bought the house I live in now 5 years ago but refused to part with the motorhome. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

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  4. Thanks Ethan, I try to post information that I actually do and has value for people who want to be prepared. I am going to expand on the Van Dweller and RV as alternate emergency or just plain fun shelter alternatives. I am going to re-work my mini van with a more useful layout. I will be sharing photo's as I go.
    Again thanks.

  5. Why is there no site for dwellers to meet up and travel or camp? There are good SAMs clubs everywhere but vanners seem to be secluded. I get the whole stealth thing and it's difficult to do with a convoy of vans but who says we always want to travel alone? There are sites in national forests that 4 or 5 vans could use and site see during the day. Just a question that may not have an answer or an interest.

    1. Good question Rick,
      I have yet to come across a blog specifically for and about vanners or vanner clubs. There are a lot of youtube sites but all that I visit use youtube to make income from. A forum dedicated to vanning is needed, a place where it is more suitable for readers to ask questions, post their photo's or give input for all to read and participate in. Want to start one?