Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Stealth Motorcycles

U.S. Special Forces will soon have a new weapon at their disposal.

And when it's available to the public it could be the ultimate Bug Out or base camp motorcycle. Extremely quiet, two wheel drive and multi-fuel capable!

Defense One notes:
Both bikes feature cutting-edge hybrid multi-fuel engines that can burn a variety of combustibles like JP-8, Jet A-1, gasoline, propane, etc.. “If it’s gasoline, tell it it’s gasoline, tell it it’s something else. It will figure it out,” said Alex Dzwill, and engineer with Logos. Could you run it on lipids, olive oil? “Theoretically, yeah,” said Dzwill.

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  1. Neat concept but grunts don't need to be gearheads. I fear our military is becoming to dependent on high tec across the board.


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