Thursday, June 16, 2016

Sea Shipping Container Missile Launch Platforms

Many people have never thought of this but it is real. The USA has always went to battle with small under-funded countries to somewhat safely satisfy the weapons manufacturing greed of a few rich people and our corrupt greedy Congress. The small countries can not match our Air Force or Navy so we were reasonably safe from a battle on our soil and therefore safe to wage a battle to make money.

Well times have changed, China and Russia are not backward underfunded countries. Their level of weapons sophistication rivals the USA. In other words, they can bring it to us and probably will. Look what Russia is doing in Europe now, flexing their muscle while we have the most incompetent leadership ever!

When I first saw sea shipping years back it made me think what an easy way to launch a missile from or get a nuke into our seaports and set it off before customs can inspect the containers. Anyplace that has a seaport these container ships can be 50, 40, 30 or even 20 miles off-shore and launch. The flight time would be seconds to target so that means there's no way to intercept and destroy. No-one would suspect anything out of the normal but the top layer of containers could all house dozens of missiles etc. Places like Cuba, Mexico, the Bahamas could already have the mobile containers on the ground just waiting for someone to give the order to push the button. And let's not forget the very unstable N. Korea and Iran who have nukes and delivery missiles. They feel they have nothing to lose and believe we must be destroyed.

Is this all possible? Probably. Get prepared to feed yourself should a few of these things go off.

The video will answer any questions about this real weapons threat.


Club-K Container Missile System 2013
Link to video. It's 8 minutes long but worth watching!

Published on Apr 3, 2013
Concern Agat, Russia.

3M-54E maquette
3M-54E1 maquette
3M-14E maquette
91RE1 maquette
91RTE2 maquette

There are two major launching vehicles: the Klub-S, designed for launch from submarines, and the Klub-N, designed for launch from surface ships. These two launchers can be equipped by the following warhead and guidance combinations:

3M-54E - Anti-shipping variant, Basic length 8.22 m, with a 200 kg warhead. Range is 200 km. Sea-skimmer with supersonic terminal speed and flight altitude of 15 feet (4.6 m) at final stage(2.9 mach).

3M-54E1 - Anti-shipping variant, Basic length 6.2 m, with a 400 kg warhead.
Range is 300 km. Sea-skimmer with subsonic terminal speed(0.8 mach). Allegedly capable of disabling or even sinking an aircraft carrier.

3M-14E - Inertial guidance land attack variant. Basic length 6.2 m, with a 400 kg warhead. Range is 275 km. Subsonic terminal speed(0.8 mach).

91RE1 - Submarine-launched anti-submarine variant, with an anti-submarine torpedo. Basic length 8.0 m, with a range of 50 km. Supersonic speed. The torpedo has a warhead weight of 76 kg. 
Follows a ballistic path into the surface, speed is Mach 2.5.

91RE2 - Ballistically launched anti-submarine variant, with an anti-submarine torpedo. Basic length 6.5 m, with a range of 40 km Supersonic speed. The torpedo has a warhead weight of 76 kg. For surface ship use only. The lightest of all variants, with a launch weight of 1300 kg. Speed is Mach 2.

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