Monday, November 14, 2016

'Supermoon’ 11-14-2016, The Closest Full Moon Until 2034

I tried a quick shot (actually 23 of them) of tonight’s ‘Super Moon’. Turned out pretty well considering it was taken with my inexpensive Nikon CoolPix S9200, point and shoot, hand held, zoomed to 18x, using full auto mode!

Thought I’d best try it tonight because at my age, I doubt I’ll be around for the next one!


  1. Mike,

    Great picture!!! I wish we could capture it, the tree's were in the way :-(

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    1. NOAA said, because of the moon being so close there would be higher than normal tides. Sure enough they were about a foot higher than a normal high tide. Now I wonder how many more earthquakes will be set off due to the extra gravity pull of the moon?


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