Thursday, January 26, 2017

Update; 3½ Months Since Hurricane Matthew

It’s slow going!
Looks like some of the home repair contractors are beginning to free up from the major ‘keep the rain out’ and ‘get us back in our homes and out of the motel’ jobs and get back to my area. The first of the seven blue tarp’d homes just had the repairs made to it. They were lucky in that the tree fell onto and into the garage and not the living area, otherwise they would be living in a motel all this time. The damage was about a couple dozen rafters had to be replaced because they were crushed, a bunch of drywall and plywood sheeting, re-roofing, trim and painting.

If you live in hurricane country, earthquake or forest fire areas plan ahead. Your home could be completely destroyed and have to be re-built from the ground up. This takes a lot of time. Always remember when making emergency or disaster planning concerning shelter, your home may not be repaired for a year or more. Plan now with family or relatives well outside your area to move in with them or if you have an RV park it with power on their property.


  1. Mike,

    Very true, you're not going to have your home rebuilt the very next day when dealing with storms, or fires. It's going to take time, and a well thought out plan.

    **Note to self, make sure our ADULT CHILDREN have a place on their property just for our RV :-)

  2. While getting a contractor to do the work takes time never underestimate local building departments to further slow the repairs. Code and zoning sucks every where!!!!

  3. This is exactly why people need preparedness plans and preparedness supplies. Some folks think preppers are nutty doomers, but your story has been a nightmare of reality.

  4. Sandy, Gary and Leigh,
    Having a plan for emergency food, water and shelter is a necessity but so many people don't have one or have ever thought about one. It is a nice feeling to open a file cabinet and pull all the pre-planned disaster documents out.

  5. Mike another good point made. There is so much we take for granted. Like the new layout...


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