Friday, January 13, 2017

New Template, Fixed It!

Some how my HTTPS REDIRECT setting was set to "YES" and should have been set to "NO". Now I have all the followers and Visitors back, back to normal I hope...


I'm trying a new template to make the blog easier to read and after 8 years a little different look. Right now I'm having a little trouble getting the title block image to size properly. So you'll see a number of attempts at it including the blogs background colors.

Well, this will be the new template for now. A lot of issues happened when I transferred templates, the colors changed, font size is different from old to new template. When manually selecting a font size it changes the new post such as this one but not the older posts.

Lost all my "Members" and my "Feedjit Who's Visiting" window which was nice so we could see who's sleeping or awake around the world.

I'll continue to try and fix it.


  1. Mike,

    Looking forward to seeing your new header when you get it situated. Working in blogger on headers can be difficult.

  2. It's fun to try new looks with one's blog. Your followers gadget will likely come back, blogger seems to like to mess with it frequently. I've been having some trouble with my blogger redirect, so maybe the problems have to do (again) with blogger messing with stuff.

  3. I think I have if repaired, I think. We'll see over the next week if everything stays put.
    I kind of like the new template. With the text window narrower it's easier to read, at least for me it seems that way. What do you think?

    1. I agree that the narrower column is definitely easier to read. And if you can use your own background photos - so much the better.

    2. Thanks Leigh and Sandy, I'll probably change the background photo but a little later on.


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