Thursday, January 5, 2017


Yesterday, 01-05-17 @ 1:40am, my sleepy little subdivision of 84 homes, had 2 cars stolen (one next-door to me) and 8 others vandalized. The crime element of the city has finally migrated into my area. I live in a very remote S.E. part of the city. There are no other homes around us, just virgin woods, the Intracoastal Waterway on two sides, the Mayo Clinic campus (hundreds of acres) on another and AIG Insurance campus (again at least 150 acres) on the other. However, we are separated from those campus’ by 6 lane roads. There is never any foot or bicycle traffic past our neighborhood entrance, which is only one way in and the same way out, not very inviting for thieves as a target area because they can get trapped. Today, they have recovered one of the cars on the far North Side of town (25 miles away), no news on the other.

I have been contemplating adding video cameras on my home, not that they will stop anything but having images of the thieves may help catch them and put them away.

If it were my decision I’d move from here tomorrow because it will get worse, but she who must be obeyed doesn’t see the need! The city has 3 murders a week and 8 shootings a week. Who does 90% of these? The sub-humans. I’m sure they are waiting for the opportunity to start protests and burning down the city. It’s the only thing that makes them and apparently our politicians happy.

Local News Video, you’ll have to scroll down a page or two to find the video.
Title of video:
“2 cars stolen, several broken into in Intracoastal West neighborhood


  1. You must not forget to close not only your car but a house as well. The cheaper the lock will be, the less you have chances not to get robbbed or/and killed.
    The door is one part of the problem - go outside and seek outside how can you get inside without main entrance.
    Kitchen windows and similar are the moste obvious ones because no one barely locks them.
    If you haven`t found anything (your wife as well) you can feel rather safe inside.

  2. Oh Mike, that's scary stuff. Having had a car stolen once, I know how bad this feels. Do stay safe and don't give up on moving.

    1. I'm not going to give up yet but need to push it because there's not much time left. I want to live in a small, real log home with a basement for all my preparedness/storage goodies, solar powered with grid back-up (mostly for A/C), a nice sized garden and maybe some chickens. But most of all in a rural, quiet area.

  3. Mike,

    Hate to hear that news.

    Years ago I had my Ford Bronco stolen -- and taken to Mexico -- when I worked in Laredo, Texas. A couple years later my house in Oklahoma was broken into; the thieves took everything they wanted.

    Teaches a valuable life lesson on insurance companies is when it's their turn to pay!

    My neighborhood now has "resident" Democrats; we should sell out and move; but where?

    Stay safe,


    NOTE: I thought you were headed to the RTR?

    1. Hi Moe,
      Insurance companies need to be looked into and be required to pay the amounts insured for, no pro-rating etc. If you pay for $100,000 of contents and all is destroyed they cut you a check for $100,000. I've been reading more and more about home owners getting screwed by insurance companies. This has to stop.

      Yes I was going to the RTR but expectantly life got in the way this year. Pretty sure all will be well for the next one.

  4. Mike,

    I agree with Leigh, scary stuff.
    In the meantime, make your place less attractive for burglars. Put up some motion detector lights, place a wood piece in each window to prevent the window from being opened from the outside. Cut away any brush/plants that you can't see around. And make sure your wife knows how to handle a gun. See if your local police department can start up a local crime prevention plan in your neighborhood.

    1. I have motion detecting lights all around my house. I think they are the reason I've not had any issues. The homes without do have issues. Also my landscaping does not hide anyone. As for the wife and guns? She is an unbelievably accurate shot with her own hand guns and carbines.

  5. Mike its time to big large watch towers with snipers on the look out. Just tell the city its part of a plan to make the city more rural....Hunting

    1. You know, my neighborhood is prefect for armed guards in sentry posts. Some of us here have discussed how to take two cars and block the only entrance road into our neighborhood. We could make quite the standoff!

      I'm for the Mexico Wall with shoot to kill soldiers manning it. But also want walls built around our crime areas like the entire North-East quadrant of the city where all the sub-humans live.

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