Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Protesting in Mexico

Why are they protesting?
Mexicans were enraged by the 20 percent fuel price hike announced over the weekend as part of a government deregulation of the energy sector. The change boosted the average price for a liter of premium gasoline to 17.79 pesos (about .90 cents). That makes 4 liters, or about a gallon, equal to nearly as much as Mexico's just raised minimum wage for a day's work - 80 pesos (about $4.00 a day).

$4.00 a day minimum wage! No wonder they are over-running our borders.

Link to story and photo's:
Mexico gas protests, looting leave 2 dead, 600 arrested
by: MARK STEVENSON, Associated Press Updated: Jan 5, 2017

Link to another story and photo's worth reading:
Border Bridges Closed Amid Mexican Gas Price Riots
by ILDEFONSO ORTIZ 10 Jan 2017 Nogales, AZ, Breitbart


  1. I am curious to know who is behind the protests. Are they the same financiers of the ones here? What better way to get around Trump's wall than to have a civil war down there and all the so-called 'war refugees' flood up here screaming for refugee status.

    1. Good points Hobo,
      I would not be surprised to find Soros and his buddies behind it. They want the USA destroyed and by encouraging endless numbers of illegal’s to protest/riot in Mexico and to jump the border will contribute to financially busting the USA.
      As for refugees that’s possible.

  2. Part of this is the Mexican government is desperate to raise cash. With many nationals opting to stay home or returning they may tank their economy to discourage them.

    1. Gary,
      You are right, they are broke and there’s no way for them to get out of it. The drug cartels have scared off tourism and the global businesses from locating to Mexico for the cheap labor.
      Also with the USA and Canada markets so close it would be a sweet deal for the business world to move there.


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