Sunday, March 26, 2017

Rifle/Carbine Scope Mounting

Rifle/Carbine Scope Mounting and Sighting, the Proper Way

I know many range shooters and hunters who simply do not know the proper way to set-up a new rifle scope. They think they know how base on bad advice or poor YouTube information. With a poorly mounted scope you will never get the best and consistent accuracy from your rifle, especially at long ranges like 300 yards.

Setting up a new scope is a simple process when using inexpensive bubble levels made for the job.

The video’s below are very informative, simple and easily understood. They will assure your scope is properly installed.

The #3 video also includes how to set-up your stock cheek weld for eye/head line of sight to the scope centerline. These three short video’s are the best I’ve found so far. They are produced by, Vortex Scope Manufacturer (#1 & #2) and the National Shooting Sports Foundation (#3).

#1  How To Mount A Precision Riflescope

#2  How To Zero A Rifle Scope at 100 Yards

#3  Set up Your Scope for Success - Long-Range Rifle Shooting Technique

Tools Needed:
Gunsmith Scope Leveling-Mounting Bubble Levels. The links below is where you can buy the levels needed. The cost for both comes to $35 with free shipping.

The levels below are the same ones I use and they work great, totally universal and they’ll last a lifetime.

Sources to purchase the levels from:

All Purpose Gun Level:
This one uses the mini bungee cord, because most modern guns and picatinny rails are aluminum, magnetic levels are of no help. This is where the bungee cord model is great plus because it fits all guns.

Solid G Gunsmith Level, Scope magnetic bubble level,2 pieces:
The Bubble Levels used on top of the scopes turret to square the etched reticle to the barrel.


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