Tuesday, April 25, 2017

An Alternative to Fox News

I really can’t watch the major news networks, they are outrageously biased and in many cases simply lie to promote hard left liberalism, not truthful news. I only tune them in for a quick look to see what the whacko left is up to.

I was a Fox News junkie, it was always on where ever I was, just like some people have a radio on for background noise, I had Fox on. If something caught my ear I would stop and listen for the details.

If you remember, about a year or so ago, Fox News went into negotiations with the satellite providers for a new contract and they were off the air for about two weeks. That was a real dumb move for Fox because it forced a mesmerized audience to look elsewhere for news. It also gave the viewers time to think just how left Fox is! I thought I was going to die during that time, but I did see the light and it was blinding!

So without Fox, I began searching for other news outlets. It didn’t take long to get disgusted to the point of simply listening to local news and hope they would cover important news. I e-mailed my local news station about getting more current national news and their answer was, “We only broadcast AP (Associated Press) news stories). Obviously, they have a contract with AP to save money rather than hire real station journalists.

The trouble with their approach is we only get AP slanted news. At this point, I’m ready to through in the towel and go shortwave only to listen to what other countries have to say about what’s going on here.

However! I believe it was a commenter on http://harryflashmansblog.blogspot.com/Self Sufficient Mountain Living”, also listed in my sidebar, who said he watched and recommended “OAN” news network!!??

Well anyone who reads Harry’s blog can’t be totally out lunch, so I searched for it on Google and found it, http://www.oann.com/  “One America News Network”.

I’m sure I found a new home for my news needs. If you want real news you need to check it out! News writers who are not 12-year-old snowflakes. Stories that have appropriate length to cover the details without boring filler.

There are many ways to receive the OAN broadcast, cable and satellite, check their website for all the providers unless you have the same satellite provider I have the Communist DISH network who doesn’t offer it. So, I log on to my computer and read the numerous well written relevant news stories.


  1. I agree - this OAN news channel is one I can actually watch until they begin to repeat the 'breaking news'. Best part for me is NO discussion panels with everyone in agreement, just 'yeah that' comments. What do you learn from that ?

  2. I think it was Dr. Jim who first surfaced the fact that OAN existed. But at the time, I didn't get it with my satellite package. Then I changed packages, did get it, and I've been really impressed. You just about summed them up, it's a breath of fresh air to watch them. Better coverage, and they don't drag on all these pimply faced, overweight left wing "experts" that pissed me off so bad on Fox. I hardly ever even tune to Fox News anymore. As long as they have Juan Williams and Shepard Smith and their ilk on there, I don't need them.

  3. Thanks for this! I missed the OAN connection at Harry's blog (although I confess I have a hard time being a regular reader anywhere). Always looking for a better information source, since most of the "news" seems to be for entertainment purposes only.


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