Monday, May 15, 2017

Government Regulations Strikes Again

My lawn boy, my lawn service for the last 23 years cuts lawns on weekends. He also works full time for one if not the largest Mechanical Contractors in Florida. He was just given the information that he and all job site Superintendents must take a six-week course in Spanish so they can communicate with the hand full of Mexican and Cuban employees.

Who mandated this? OSHA. (the government)

I have several issues with this new “regulation”, actually all regulations.

1. A company of his size (hundreds of employees) can somewhat afford the six-week class for all their Supers and group leaders. What about the smaller 20 man contractors like cement masons, roofers, siders, gutter installers, electricians, plumbers, agriculture, etc? They simply can’t afford this mandate.

2. Instead of punishing the American business with this regulation how about making the Mexicans and Cubans learn English before applying for the job???

3. The hiring trend will now be hire only Mexicans and Cubans who can speak basic English and pass over Americans so they don’t have to invest the money for the Spanish classes. This Regulation is a death blow to the American workers as it will spread to all government regulated businesses.

In my business of medical devices and surgical instruments, I had to comply with the FDA, ISO and CE (European Standards, yes Europe’s standards or we couldn’t sell our instruments in Europe!) There are thousands of standards to follow for each product and required several FDA Regulatory Specialists to comply. When I had the opportunity to sell my business and patents I jumped at it and never looked back.

Now, what about the rest of us taxpayers? If in the future we want to shop at WalMart are we going to have to speak Spanish so we can communicate with their employees or read the Spanish signage and labels? Sounds stupid but knowing the liberals they will get Congress to pass it.

Should we now look forward to the high school curriculum to mandate Spanish and Arabic courses along with Koran studies? Unless we make English the language of the USA, we will have to teach other languages and customs to survive in the USA.

Trump, has the right idea to limit government regulations. They’re not needed with a number of lawyer firms ready to attack a sloppily run company. They’ll police themselves. I hope he’s not too late!


  1. If they can't speak the language, they need to go home or learn the language of the country they're living in.

  2. We already have everything in Spanish/English in the USA. Press one for English, for instance. How about all the signage in Home Depot and Walmart? All food labels are bilingual. Why are we catering to foreigners? They should have to know English if they want to come and live here....they should be the ones taking English classes, not the other way around.

  3. Your lawn guy is lucky. Most of the landscape jobs in my area "went to Mexico" decades ago, after Reagan's "amnesty." The moment that happened, the people who "only took the jobs no one else wanted" started legally grabbing the jobs that U.S. citizens DID want. Fast-forward to the present; there is virtually NO English spoken in warehouses, construction sites, or factories. An American MUST be bilingual to serve the immigrant. The immigrant, however, can spend the rest of his/her life not knowing a LICK of English. Even if an American IS bilingual; if a job opens, and a Mexican applies, the Mexican will get the job. It's the newest Mafia. If you want to see the Liberals laugh, claim reverse-discrimination.
    Folks living beyond the "border states," beware; push back on this now, or your jobs, as well as those of your kids, will "go to Mexico" as well... You don't think so? Reagan didn't think so either...

    And for those who are wailing BIGOT!!!! right about now; my wife, born in Mexico and now a U.S. citizen, feels the same way, and will be glad to expound on this... IN ENGLISH!

  4. Mike,

    If we were visiting or even living in a foreign country we would have to learn their language. I say if you're here in the United States you should know/understand our language.

  5. So the supervisors can somewhat then talk to the Spanish speaking workers...but what about the people they cut grass for? The big complaint is that when a group comes to cut your grass you cannot communicate a thing to them. So why don't They have to learn English? People all over the world learn English as their second language. Why are they different? They came here to a country that speaks English. This rule is so many things now. If you want a job now they want you to be bilingual. Fluent Spanish and English. No Spanish? job. It used to be to be a new citizen you had to write and speak English. Do they even enforce this anymore? Does anyone know? Sarah