Wednesday, May 24, 2017

What do you do to celebrate Memorial Day?

I celebrate it by respecting Memorial Day for what it represents, hundreds of thousands of soldiers who through all the wars lost their lives protecting the USA or other countries without question. It’s not just about a day off work, hot dogs, and hamburgers!
I also celebrate that my career Air Force son came home from Desert Shield and Desert Storm, not being shot down, alive and uninjured.


  1. We happily and proudly put the flag up. I remember my father who served in Army Air Corps and look forward to my D-Day birthday which he called Daughter-Day. How lucky am I to live in the best of times!

  2. Being odd folks, my wife and I put flags on the graves of a couple veterans in the family, though they survived the war, and spend the rest of the day like any other.

  3. Mike,

    As a military family we show respect for all military soldiers past, present and their families through prayer, support, and giving throughout the year not just on Memorial Day.

  4. My wife and I celebrate both our service in the Military (Navy & Army). Both our fathers and our grandfathers service in the Navy & Army. We Honor our families service to our wonderful country going back to the Civil war.

  5. My mother served in WWII, so I especially remember her!

  6. Mostly I think about the veterans in my family, living and gone. And about my own friends from my military service who are gone.
    It's a day for reflection and memories for me.


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