Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Changes to my Side Bar Categories

I’m going to make a couple changes to the category side bar.

One will be the deletion of several sailing blogs. For me and where I live, a sailboat would make a great Bug Out Vehicle (BOV) and for anyone else who has easy access to the oceans.
Reading sailboat blogs are fun and makes me want to join them, so as I came across other interesting sailboat blogs I added them. Suitable BOV live aboard sailboats such as 30 to 39 feet costing $25,000 to $80,000 are comfortable to live on but the maintenance is very expensive. Some who live and sail on this size of boat claim they were on a tight budget but actually didn’t have a budget. They have plenty of money so that rules out their thoughts as Preppers! Another blog features an upgrade from a tired 37-foot boat to a $500,000 catamaran! Oh sure, budget my butt!

Just a note; if I were to be a liveaboard on a 39-foot sailboat the local marina charges $400 a month plus electric for the docking. It includes Wi-Fi, bath house and laundry facilities.

I will keep three Sailing Blogs because they are green start-up sailors and reading them will show you what they have gone through from the very beginning of their adventure if you’d like to have a sailboat BOV:

“Zero to Cruising”
“Life on The Hook”
“Mid-Life Cruising”

If you want to keep reading the others, you’ll have to copy their address and save them for yourself. Next week I’ll make the deletions.

I also added another category “Opinion Blogs”:
Warning the language can be strong! These blogs as I add them, are ticked off Patriots and vent their feelings.


  1. Maintainance aside, $400 isn't bad for the boating life. What do you think of the self-built Wharram Cat designs?

    1. Their kits are all CNC cut so all the parts should fit where and how they're suppose to. If you have a lot of time it would be a deal.

  2. Mike, I hope you keep my blog...LOL Boats are like RV to each his own. I would still like to buy some land and build my own "Retreat"

    1. No worries you're a lifer here! :-)
      By far, owning some land and being able to grow and raise some food is the best deal.

  3. first: Thanks for the honor of being on your side bar.

    Second: I will keep my land Yacht gassed up with good tires and a good battery. Air Force people don't know anything about boats.

  4. You're welcome Rat. Your opinions are never misunderstood and I like that.
    As for the motor home keep it ready to go with food and happy juice for you! :-) It's a great way to BUG Out.


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