Friday, August 18, 2017

PVC Water Pipe Fish Trap

Should we ever find ourselves in a Venezuela situation, where food is scarce or rationed, you’ll need alternative food sources. Many believe they’ll go hunting for extra meat to eat. Trouble is so will every other hunter and the game will be quickly depleted, plus I doubt the acting government in charge will allow you to be in public with a gun.

Another source for food is fishing. If you're fortunate and live near lakes, rivers, or like myself next to major water like the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean and have reasonable fishing skills you’ll have more fish than you can eat.

I came across this video below that shows how to make a simple fish trap made from PVC pipe and two-liter bottles. Interesting, and it gives you the ability to fish all night without being there. Note, this is probably illegal so be careful.

Also in the videos side bar they make traps for snakes, and yes snakes taste good. I believe this video was taken in Cambodia.


  1. No issue with fishing here in the land of 10,000 lakes. Big grin That is one thing we all do well here. plus our big rivers, Minnesota and Mississippi.

  2. No lakes here but a river which isn't within walking distance. Too bad 'cuz I love fish. Great ideas for fishing on the vid.

    1. Agreed, easy way to make a fish trap. I would probably make a hardware cloth 'cylinder' and attach the 4" - 6" pvc sleeves on both ends as shown for smaller size trap. The 2 - 3 liter plastic bottle fish 'stops' are a very good idea.

      Makes me wish I had more access to public waterways, irrigation canals down here are the only water within 10 miles of my location. In grid down situation, about the limit of my daily travel, I'm guessing.

      Thank you for the link sir ! Have a good weekend.

  3. I'd have to draw the line at eating snakes. I saw some guys do that in the survival training classes in Pensacola long ago. The skinned snakes were revolting, cooking in a coffee can!

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