Saturday, June 9, 2018

Sow True Seed Company

This year's Green Bell Peppers are doing exceptionally well. I’m growing the biggest in size and quantity, including my jalapeño peppers. They were both seedlings purchased from Walmart (Bonnie Plants) because I ran out of time and couldn’t start my own seedlings in time. Where I live I have to have seedlings in the ground by March 15th otherwise it will be 90+f around harvesting time and the suns heat brings out the bugs and the bugs eat the plants before maturity.

Every Prepper should at least know the basics of growing veggies even if just 3 or 4 plants. You need the hands-on experience should the day come (and it’s coming) when you must grow veggies to augment the limited amount of food available from your supermarket. If living in an apartment or condo that has a balcony or patio you can have 8 maybe 10, 5-gallon buckets outside and grow whatever you like and it’s healthy to eat because you grew it! You control all the pesticides, you control the type of fertilizer used, and you avoid ‘GMO’ seeds/food.

During the early days of preparedness, it seemed everyone was selling Prepper Garden Seeds for a Year in a Can. I know for a fact that some of these people were buying 55-gallon drums of seeds then repackage and sell them to the Preppers. I suspect these seeds came from China or other places of suspect quality, so I avoided them entirely.

Normally, I would buy my seeds from, Ace Hardware, Home Depot, Johnny’s, and Burpee. Over the years I noticed that I would get some poor performing plants, some not even producing any veggies like one year I had 5 tomato plants growing and not one tomato was produced off the five plants! That told me I needed to find a small and dedicated seed source.

Thanks to Leigh at had her seed source linked in an article she wrote a couple days ago about her sweet potatoes. Thank you, Leigh! The company she used is, “Sow True Seed”:

Here’s a video tour of the company:

This company is simply impressive! Very clean, neat, organized and they even have a giant, I mean giant walk-in refrigerator/cooler to hold the seeds at 50f while waiting to be packaged and sold. I intend to use them for my fall and spring planting.

Company Comments:
“We are a small dedicated staff committed to providing high quality, open-pollinated seeds in support of sustainable food production and regenerative agriculture.”

“Sow True Seed was created to preserve our shared botanical heritage and grow a new era of sustainable culture and ecological wisdom. We support independent, regional agricultural initiatives that foster a vibrant, sustainable economy, and true food sovereignty.

Based in the glorious mountains of Western North Carolina – home to a temperate rain forest and one of the most biologically diverse areas of North America - We are proud to work with farmers in our Katuah Bioregion who ensure the survival of heirloom varieties that would otherwise become extinct.
Thank you for growing with us!”


  1. Yes, Sow True Seed is a good source for quality seeds. I also order from Rare for items I want to buy in larger quantities. Can't beat their prices when buying in bulk.

    1. Tired, Thanks for the confirmation.

  2. I do miss gardening but here in the desert plants cook! Those that don't cook provide a snack for the birds or the insects. The insects here wear sunglasses and little bandanas around their little bug heads and aren't affected by 110+ degree temps. Nothing grows here that you can eat except cactus! Your pepper picture makes me envious! Stay strong! my brother.

    1. RP, must be my age but somehow I can imagine your bugs with sunglasses and bandanas. :-)