Saturday, April 21, 2012

Canning Manual, Free

For those of us who want to get into canning or know more about it and would like to have a Ball Blue Book but not pay the price, here’s an alternative.

“The All-American Canner Instructions and Recipes Manual” published by the manufacturer can be found here in a PDF format:

I downloaded and printed the manual. After printing I took it to a FedEx Store and had it coil bound with a clear plastic cover and heavy weight back cover. Now I have a manual in book form for just $5.

The USP Store’s and most all office supply stores offer book binding. I find this binding service makes keeping down loaded and printed material organized and conveniently in the book shelf for a ready reference for years to come.


  1. Great idea. How simple, Thanks for sharing.

  2. i am constantly amazed at how many people who are learning to can and have just bought a canner and usually get this book with their new canner do not read it..or understand the directions. half the ones who have questions are scared to death that the thing is gonna blow . and the other half dont know how to cook or follow a recipe to begin with. one of the worse things the department of education did was take home econonomics and shop classes out of the schools-dumbing down america at its best.

  3. Mike,

    Thank you for posting this manual, I've printed it out.
    Also, I wanted to say thanks for posting the information on creating your own water filtration system. We used your instructions and supply information and created the system. It's saved us $200+ dollars. Have a great weekend.

  4. Excellent advise. I've already downloaded it and will have it processed along with several other free publications (IE Where There is No Doctor, Where There is No Dentist...) to be "a ready reference for years to come".
    Thank you,

  5. Hi Rob,
    Simple things are usually the best!
    Because of the internet we have access to mountains of information but we need to have it available on the book shelf should the net go down, and it will, to make the best of it when we need it and this is one of the ways!

    Anon 5:26,
    I agree, many people are missing a great way to put food up for themselves. They need to get over the fear and just do it even in simple amounts. Some day soon they will wish they paid attention and did it!

    You are welcome and I’m very glad to hear you now have a renewable safe water source under your control. Without safe water no one can survive for more than a week!

    There is a lot of good information available and binding it into books for future reference simply makes good sense. Glad to here you have other important writings ready to be bound for your all important survival reference.

  6. Another good one! Thanks Yukon!


  7. China, Thanks. The best things in life are free! :-)

  8. Thank You so much for this.
    I have been wanting the Ball Blue Book for the longest time.
    I have a nice big Presto canner that I have never used. This is the summer of the Canning The Garden Harvest!
    This book will be printed out and taken to Staples to be bound and used this summer and for many more years to come. Again thank you
    Annie Mouse

  9. Hi Annie Mouse,
    Glad to be of help. I hope this will encourage you to can and be able to be self-reliant and take care of yourself and family for years to come!

  10. Great idea on the binding. I never thought about taking it somewhere to have it done. I've just piled things in a 3 ring binder to get lost forever.

    Couple of days ago I did however put up some sauce using a recipe from my Ball book. First time I had used my pressure canner.

  11. Kevin,
    The book binding is a great way to save and find important information, well worth the money.
    Great to hear you tried out canning! It's the only way to preserve food without refrigeration.