Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kitchen Thermometers

I can not express strongly enough the absolute need for kitchen thermometers. During an emergency situation is no time too become sickened with food poisoning due to under cooked foods.

These are the most overlooked, inexpensive and most valuable kitchen food prep tool. If, all of a sudden you must cook on an unfamiliar camp fire or camp stove the thermometer will make sure your food is safe by knowing the internal temperature of the foods you’re cooking. This alone may save your life. They will reduce the chances of food poisoning from under cooked food. Even for baking bread they take the internal reading of the bread temperature which should be 185-195 degrees for the perfect loaf. I use one every week when I bake.

A one inch dial stick type thermometer (center)
This is very inexpensive, about $3.00, an absolute must have for meat, poultry, fish and yeast water temperature. This is no time to be getting food poisoning especially with game meat, be smart, and be safe.

An oven thermometer (left)
Another very inexpensive item about $5.00 because many ovens can be off by as much as 50 degrees and for the best baking results from your efforts this is a must have. Place or hang the thermometer on the same rack you are baking on. I found it is very important to have the exact baking temperature for successful bread baking.

An electronic digital stick type thermometer (right)
I don’t recommend this type for emergency situations because it requires batteries to operate. If the battery goes dead when you need it and you have no spares or a way to recharge them it becomes useless. This unit is a bit pricey at $90.00 but is instant reading and way cool for serious cooks and everyday home use. It is a great thermometer!

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