Thursday, March 11, 2021

AP Flour limit

Today, I stopped at Sam’s Club because I needed some more All-Purpose flour. I store two, 5 gallon buckets of AP flour. When I am at the end of one bucket, I open the second one but quickly refill the one that’s empty with new flour. This way I always have at least 25lbs of flour on hand. A 25lb bag of flour makes a little more than 25 loaves of bread.

What I did notice was Sam’s had a one 25lb bag limit! I have never seen that for flour before. What is really going on? I don’t trust the government for any truth in what they say or do. Or has Biden been messing with our trade deals?

So, I did a quick search and found this for flour and rice:

“Two large U.S. retailers slapped restrictions on purchases of bulk rice, bringing home shortfalls across the globe. Costco Wholesale Corp. , of Issaquah, Wash., and Sam's Club, a unit of Wal-Mart Stores Inc., of Bentonville, Ark., limited consumer purchases of rice at their U.S. stores this week. Wal-Mart said while Sam's has enough rice for customers, it would limit purchases to four 20-pound bags per visit "due to recent supply and demand trends." Costco limited purchases in select stores.”

Wall Street Journal link to the rest of the story:

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Blogger is giving me a hard time again

 Hi Liz,

Blogger has become a problem lately. When I respond to a comment it will attach it to a different  comment. So here's a pretty typical answer to your question. see below for a link.

The actual cost for a battery replacement will be between $3,000 to $15,000 depending on if it is a rebuilt battery pack and a brand new battery pack. The warrantee looks like 10 years or 100,000 miles. Then if not re-buildable there will be a battery disposal fee to get rid of all the bad chemicals inside them and the cost of repairs will make the car nearly worthless in trade-in value. We are a long way off from electric cars being affordable transportation for everyday people like us.

Here is a link that will answer your questions:


Sunday, February 21, 2021

Texas 2021 Freeze

 My son lives about 35 miles northeast of Dallas so he is in the middle of this freeze. The first day he woke up the house was at 50 degrees inside and falling. The next day was worse especially with no water. So he turned off his water to the house and with a couple of his buddies grabbed their golf clubs, went to the airport, bought some tickets to a warm area, and are enjoying a week of golfing.

He’s not a Prepper at all but I’m sure he will at least get a generator, maybe a Generac system so as not to have to go through this again.

Will his area go through this again? Probably because the weather can do this again, he is in tornado territory which can knock down transmission lines and the other is it gets very hot there 100+ degrees for a month at a time which strains the grid to the max with all the A/C’s running constantly.

Who’s fault is this grid failure? I think it is the politician's fault and under-the-table cash deals that simply built a minimum system to save money.

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Everything costs more today, a lot more!

My 9 year old water heater gave me a gift of a wet floor this morning. The cost to replace it 9 years ago was $800.00 total.

I called out the plumber this morning (Saturday). The plumbing company had in stock the replacement w/h and sent two guys out to remove and replace it. The cost was $1,317.00 (The water heater was $609.00 of it) and the rest was time and a half labor per hour. It took them just a few minutes more than 2 hours (4 labor hours @ $175.00/hour per man). They did a great job, placed a protective runner on the floor from the laundry room to the front door, cleaned-up completely after themselves, and not a drop of water or speck of dirt left behind.

Can’t wait for Biden to finish us off with his out of control spending and following inflation.


Monday, January 18, 2021

“THE END of Dispersed Camping & Boondocking?”

Your remote Bug-Out Location May Not Be Available today or in the future! You’re a Prepper, and have planned well with everything you need to survive, including a RV or van that’s always stocked and ready to go at a moment's notice. You are ready to survive any likely disaster for your area including a preplanned number of routes to get to your remote Bug-Out location.

The BO location you have visited/camped at many times before and you are convinced it is out of the way and secure. However, upon arrival you find your BO Location overrun with other campers who thought the same thing you did. Now it’s a dangerous or over-crowded place to be.

The locations I’m referring to is BLM (Bureau of Land Management) Land and other remote and vast amounts of government land that allows boondock camping. Most of this land is in the Southwest but there are many other locations throughout the USA.

What caused this over-crowding? Today it’s the economy resulting in job loss and apartment eviction or home foreclosure and these people have no place else to go. And our government doesn’t want you to be self-sufficient or have a good time so they restrict free camping driving more people to live on the streets. 

This video link is from a couple I follow who full-time RV's for three years now and this is what they recently discovered.

Link to video: