Sunday, May 31, 2020

Curfew for me!

Well, I just received by text message from my city, that we are under a curfew from 8:00pm until 6:00am. I'm maybe 10 miles from the protestors and don't expect any issues from them.
Feels weird.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Propane in 1-lb cylinders

I was at Walmart yesterday and came across a rack of 1-lb propane cylinders in a two-pack at an astonishing price of $14.00 for the two. That's crazy. If this is the beginning of our inevitable inflation life is going to be unbearable. I'm glad I have a refill adapter and can refill my own empties for a fraction of that price from my 30-lb tank.

The refill adapter link for $15.00:

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Gardening and Old Age

Old age can be extremely hard on the aging body, unfortunately, it is when you need your body the most and it isn’t in the best of shape to do many simple tasks, thanks Mother Nature! This is especially true if you have a garden and/or a homestead to help feed you that consumes all your time and energy. Bending at the waist isn’t the best idea for me because I have damaged disc’s in my back that make bending over to pick green beans an unpleasant activity. I needed to find a painless way to weed and harvest veggies comfortably.

So, this year, I am experimenting with raised-container growing of green beans and onions. For this season the plants are now elevated about 20 inches so the bending over to weed and harvest is minimal.

This is what I’m doing for 2020:
I purchased from Sam’s Club, six, Bus Boy Pans for the containers (because of there stiffness). Any container can be used but these were handy and fill perfectly the 8-foot long landscape timbers they are to be used on. I also drilled 8-¼ inch diameter drain holes in the bottom of each pan.

I filled each pan with Scots Miracle Gro-Raised bed soil. Any dirt will work!

The six bus boy pans set up on the cement blocks and timbers. Each pan has 8, 1/4 drain holes drilled in the bottom.

Here the pans are filled with dirt and ready for planting. 

 Here are the results for 2020. Planting was on 3-3-20.

Our onions as of 5-5-20

Our Green Beans as of 5-5-20

So far, this elevated-container gardening is working out just fine, especially on my back!

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

I predict the end of the COVID-19 Virus with 100% accuracy!

The Virus will end on the day the last Virus dollar, all 3-Trillion+ of it, has been skimmed off or redirected into our politician's charities or foundations that their families or friends are directors of!

I know it sounds too simple, but watch, no more money, no more virus! It is the way all politicians work.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

In The Bunker

I’m not going to offer an opinion about the COVID-19 except wear a mask around humans and avoid human contact until this event is over to your satisfaction. The Government updates are about worthless and are more for politic posturing than saving us from death.

I have been hunkered down in my bunker for the last 3 weeks. I am retired so spending time at home is easy. However, the wife still works half a day, 5 days a week at an assisted living facility tending to old people 80+ taking them to the store or maybe making them breakfast if they want it. No nursing just being sure they take all their meds every day. They have a staff of Nurses and CNA’s for serious stuff.

This facility is big, over 900 full-time residents and staff!! What I find interesting is they test (take their temperatures) of all employees when they clock in and clock out and follow all other recommended guidelines and to date they have only one positive COVID-19 result and that was found yesterday over the last 3 weeks!

Am I concerned about getting the virus? Yes, of course, but working all my life in the medical business I am a neat freak and sanitize everything as time goes on. Oh by the way “Nursing Homes” are expensive, like $1,500.00 a day.