Saturday, September 19, 2009

Storey Country Wisdom Bulletins

Today, my vegetable gardening booklets from the Storey Country Wisdom Bulletins that I ordered last week arrived today. I have been reviewing them and I am overwhelmed at the amount of accurate plant/gardening specific information there is inside each of each of them.

Each of these booklets is about 30 pages and within those few pages is packed with plant specific information that will make our gardens very successful without suffering through the trial and error method.

I highly recommend these booklets and at under $4.00 each they are a bargain.

The book titles I purchase this time are, (there are many more titles):

Wide Row Planting
Berries, Raspberry and Blackberry
Asparagus, Grow the best
Corn, Grow the Best
Super Salad Greens
Build Your Own Underground Root Cellar
Peppers, Grow the Best
Starting Seeds Indoors
Garlic, Growing and Using
Tomatoes, Grow the Best
Strawberries, Grow the Best
Improving Your Soil
All the Onions

This is the link for the Bulletins but by all means review there entire site.

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