Thursday, September 16, 2010

Yeast, Buying Instant Dry Yeast

Yeast is a must have for the Survivalist or any baker. You have to have it for all your bread baking needs. If you feel you can’t store enough instant yeast then learn how to make sour dough starter, it’s very easy to do.

How to save a lot of money!
I haven’t purchased yeast from the supermarket for years because it’s far too expensive there. I purchase it from warehouse stores or mail order the two packs of one pound vacuum packed blocks. The cost is just over $4.00 for the two one pound blocks. If you compare the savings it’s a no-brainer. A one pound block makes over 50 loaves of bread or $0.08 each. The three envelope packets cost around $1.65 or $0.55 per loaf…… The expiration date is 2 years on the one pound vacuum packed blocks without freezing, just sitting on a shelf and I’ve used it into a third year and its still good.

This is the only way to buy yeast and save a lot of money at the same time!


  1. Good post. Wish there was a place near me to buy it. Good thing most things are available on-line.

  2. Where do you buy these from? I would love to be able to order some online.

  3. You can buy some online here:

    However this is for just a 1 lb block. Try to find a restaurant suppy house or Costco or Sam's Club where they sell 2, 1 lb blocks for $4.00.

  4. Thanks! We have a Sams Club here, I seldom get there but I will remember this for when I do!

  5. Sam's is where I buy most of my dry foods that I stock and use daily. They have 25 and 50 lb bags of salt, sugar, all purpose flour, all shapes of pasta in 6 lb bags, beans, spices and can goods in quantity, etc.

  6. How do you store it once you open it. I bought this because of the saving but I threw most of it out because I think I did something wrong. Thank you so much for your site. It is just what I have been looking for.

  7. Rachel, I store the opened yeast in just a typical pint rubbermaid container with a rubbermaid lid and store it in my closet with my other bulk foods. I also store the unopened blocks there some for over two years and all of it has always been fine. I'll use a pound every 2-4 months, I bake 1-2 loaves of bread a week and the rest for my wine making and other baking experiments.
    The only important thing about yeast is to keep it dry as moisture will trigger it to life. You can also freeze yeast for years.

    Hope this helps,

  8. I have yeast from these large packets that I purchased 10 years ago. I have always kept it in my freezer. It is still good, still rising and making good bread.

    However, I am almost out of it, so I recently purchased another package of 2 of the large bricks.

  9. I also keep mine in the freezer. No problems - I keep my current that I'm using in one of those small brown glass jars and keep it in the freezer as well. When needful I quickly refill the brown jar and put it all back in the freezer until it's time to use again.

  10. Anon,
    I hear a good number of people store their yeast in the freezer and apparently stores well that way. I just don't have any extra space in my freezer or I would also.

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