Monday, January 17, 2011

Can Opener for all cans including #10 Cans

When I first began buying #10 cans of dehydrated or freeze dried food for long term storage I wanted to test cook with them and found it was a real struggle to open these big cans. They seemed to have thicker metal and a larger and deeper perimeter lip than the everyday soup can or coffee cans. The openers I had on hand at the house just didn’t fit the big cans geometry well at all and it was a work-out to open one of these cans. It was to the point I was ready to us my survival knife to open the cans. I had seen the Swing-Away can opener on a preparedness online store but didn’t want to pay the shipping for a $12.00 item. A while back I was at Ace Hardware and they carry the Swing-Away brand there and I did buy one for $9.00, not only less than the online store but no shipping charges either.

Without a doubt this Swing-Away brand can opener is one well designed can opener. It opens the big #10 cans with ease and all the other size cans you may have as well. Turning the crank is almost effortless as the cutting wheel slices through the big lid. There’s no fighting the opener or the opener popping off the can while turning the handle.

If you’re looking for a high quality, made in the USA, manual can opener that feels like it was made just for the Survivalist, this is your opener!


  1. Thanks for this suggestion. I was thinking that I would need a heavy duty one (quite expensive) but now I will check at my local Ace store and see if they stock them.

  2. Cathy,
    You will be happy with this opener, it does work really well.

  3. I am going to get one too! I've had too many junky can openers already. I don't want another.

    My local Ace store doesn't stock it, but the online Ace website has a "ship to store" feature that lets you get one at your local store without paying for shipping.


  4. Tom, thanks for the tip on free shipping to ace hardware! Shipping is getting expensive today. This is the best manual can opener I've come across.

  5. You are right about this opener. My local Ace had it in stock, it wasn't expensive and opens can with great ease. Once again, kudos!!

  6. I have done an exhaustive search for metal coffee cans with metal lids - not the peel off aluminum lids. Does anyone know of any brand of coffee that still comes in metal cans with metal lids? I like to store some for long term and I think that would be the best way.
    Thank You

  7. Anon 6:43,
    I don't know of any coffee that is sill sold in all metal cans.
    If you're thinking about using cans for long term storage then Google, #10 cans and sealing machines. Although this is an expensive way to store long term for and individual due to the cost of the sealing machine.

  8. I quickly checked to price Swing A Way and saw a lot of reviews saying that the newer models made in China aren't so good. Which model number did you buy and how is it holding up? There's also a Made in USA version advertised as being superior, it's $13 on Amazon.

  9. I can't at this time comment on the China made pieces. I just checked mine and both are Made In USA and work great! I will send an e-mail to the company and ask about the China made units and thr quality. As soon as I have an answer I'll let you know what they have to say.