Saturday, January 22, 2011

Oil Lantern

This week I finally bought the oil lantern I should have bought in the first place; the $16.00 Dietz #90 lantern. Three reasons for this choice; One, the large 7¾ inch diameter base for stability, Two, for the large tank (31oz) that will allow a burn time of 27 hours (1.15 ounces per hour) and Three, it is one of the brightest at 12-14 candlepower. If I use the lantern 4 hours at night and 2 hours in the morning I won’t have to refuel if for 4½ days. This will save time and the inconvenience of repeated fill-ups. I also like the bail handle for easy moving around or if I have to hang it up.
Fuel consumption at my rate of 6 hours a day would be 9.2 days per ½ gallon or 18.4 days per gallon or 3 months for 5 gallons of fuel.

Wick usage is less than ½ inch per gallon of fuel or one wick will be used up about every 5 gallons of fuel burned.

I also purchased an extra globe and 10 wicks. The ten wicks will last me through 50 gallons of fuel or 2½ years of everyday use.

The lantern is of good value and construction plus it’s very bright for an oil lamp. I am pleased with this purchase and do recommend it as a should have for your first oil lamp purchase.

Here’s where I bought it from plus the stores product details:

W. T. Kirkman Lanterns Inc.
is a good source for all your oil lamp needs and much oil lamp information. They’re worth a visit.

Manufacturers notes:
The #2 Blizzard (or now #90) was originally billed as the "King of the Cold Blast Lanterns," and was in fact one of the first Cold Blast Lanterns produced; being so, it takes the older style #852 Fitzall globe. This workhorse of a lantern is still used as a primary source of light in many parts of the world, and is still a real favorite here in the U.S.

•15" High, 7 3/4" Base Diameter
•Average 12-14 Candle Power
•7/8" Wick
•31 oz. Fount Capacity, 27 Hour Burning Time
•Approximate Thermal Output: 1400 BTU per Hour
•Operates on Average at 6 Cents per Hour worth of Lamp Oil.
•Wicked and ready to add oil


  1. Thanks for sharing this info on the lantern. Now I have to have one too haha :o). I have lots of oil lamps for the house but this would be great for going out to the barn. Thank


  2. Another thanks! Yesterday I clicked on the link you provided & think I may add one of those lanterns. I did a blog a while back talking about the lanterns we have (Kosmo, Aladdan, cheapie ones) and wondering what other type may suit our needs. Like Kelly posted above, I'd also like to have one that I can hang in the barn (while I'm there, of course).

  3. I like stuff very simple, cheap and rugged. This lantern fits the need just fine.

  4. Why did you decide on a Dietz instead of a Champion? The price was similar (or maybe the same) but the side-by-side comparison of the ZS suggests that the Champion was a better lamp.


    I really love your site. Keep up the good work.

  5. Hi Elizabeth,
    Thank you for your comments; it’s because of people like you that we all learn so much more. I was not aware of the Champion brand oil lamp (shame on me) if I was maybe I would have chosen that brand but I only post about what I actually do. The link you added is very good and I encourage others to read it as the author offers a good review of the Dietz and Champion oil lamps.

    I purchased the Dietz lantern for a couple of reasons;
    1. I am aware of their long history with oil lamps, something that’s important to me.
    2. Kirkman, for me has been a great company to deal with and they offer detailed data about every lamp they sell so we can make reasonably educated decisions before the purchase the brands they offer.
    3. I have no regrets owning the Dietz lantern and I will buy at least several more in the future.

    Thanks for your comment because it helps all of us be better at being really prepared.