Sunday, February 6, 2011

Surviving Nuclear Detonations

Some useful survival facts about nuclear detonations and the aftermath.

I don’t like to post doom and gloom subjects of extreme events because we all know about them, but this event is a real possibility and I feel it will happen in the USA within the next ten years. We as Prepared, Self-Reliant and Survivalist individuals need to have a basic factual knowledge about nukes to make logical and realistic decisions to survive a nearby detonation.

One fact that is accurate, we as free people are hated and must be destroyed according to many includng radical Muslims. These radicals may be relatively small in numbers but it only takes one small cell to plant and detonate a nuke and more than likely multiple nukes in multiple cities. The after effects in those targeted cities will be life changing for decades to come.

The truth is a nuclear detonation is survivable by the majority of people in the area. You will have to think and react fast to be a survivor and knowledge about nukes is critical to allow you to make the correct decisions. I hope the links below and their basic facts will provide you and me with the need to know knowledge to survive one.

Factual Nuke Information Links:
There are a number of factual informative links within these links. Check them out and be a Survivor!


  1. Hi Mike.. this may sound crazy but this book was part of our kid's homeschool curriculum about 10-15 yrs ago. Nuclear War Survival Skills-- url=

    Actually has some very good info.

  2. Mary,
    Thanks for the link.
    It is time for us to brush up on nukes just in case..