Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mylar Bag Rupture

Something to remember:

When storing hard, edgy or sharp cornered dry foods in Mylar bags they can pierce or rupture low cost or thin a Mylar bag when the oxygen absorber inside eats the 20% oxygen in the bag. This creates a strong vacuum squeezing the Mylar tightly against the food stored inside. Below is a photo of one of my emptied one gallon Mylar bags that I stored Egg Noodles in. If you look closely you can see the raised bumps where the corners of the egg noodles were trying to poke through because of the vacuum. This and the other bags stored did hold a strong tight vacuum indicating a good bag seal. There were no bags ruptured (no vacuum leaks) and no danger of food spoilage. All the Mylar bags I purchase are 4.3 mils thick or thicker whether they’re one gallon or five gallon bucket sizes.

Here you can see the bumps where the corners of the egg noodles wanted to poke through.

Here are the egg noodles that caused the bumps. I Mylar bag my foods in 1 gallon bags because when my 5 quart jugs get close to being emptied the 1 gallon bag from my bulk stock refills them nicely.


  1. What kind of jugs do you get that are five quarts? I have never heard of that size.

  2. Here they are!

    5 Quart Clear Plastic Jugs #66425

    5 Quart Jug Lids, Foam Gasket, White #60251