Friday, March 1, 2013

RV Propane Tank Distribution Tree

Carolyn at reminded me that I have yet to post about using an adapter or an appliance extension hose used with portable propane tanks.

Well, she’s right! I just didn’t think about it and like many things I have accumulated over the years I just forget to pass them along to you the importance of them even though I use them regularly.

There are many hoses and adapters to choose from but I like and use a multi port (3 ports) stick type distribution tree made by Coleman. It’s 30 inches tall and on the top port I attach a camping lantern for all night light and for night time cooking to illuminate the stove and table top.

Here’s a link to a number of attachments to help get the best use from your propane tank. I chose a 30 inch tall tree to be sure the lantern was high enough to light the stove and table top surfaces at night-time.

This is the 30 inch long/tall tree that I use.

Here’s the tree attached to the tank. It has a stabilizer foot that is adjustable to fit all tanks. It keeps the tree vertical and prevents it from falling over.

Here it’s set up and attached to my stove with a lantern attached to the top port. With the lantern on the top port there are two more ports, one for the stove and another for any other appliance you may have.

Here’s what the lantern light output looks like in the dark.


  1. Going to put this on on "the list"! Thanks for all your research, less for ME to do :)

  2. Elizabeth,
    Not hardly smart, just try to use commonsense!

  3. Carolyn,
    Always glad to hear I helped you. Thanks you and Paul for all the knowledge you so willingly share with us!

  4. What kind of propane lantern do you have mounted on the tree? Thanks for all the good information you share.

  5. DonnaD,
    The lantern is a typical propane camping lantern that uses the small 1 lb. propane tanks. The threads on the tree are the same as the 1 lb. tanks so the lantern or camp stove attaches to it.