Saturday, May 10, 2014

Make a campfire last all night!

For any of you who camp-out in the winter or anytime getting a campfire to burn all night unattended is almost impossible or will take you getting out of a warm sleeping bag to put more wood on the fire throughout the night. Well here's a way to keep some heat and coals going all night without your attention. Check out these video's!

Published on Oct 28, 2013
Lonnie demonstrates here how to make a campfire that will last all night with little or no further maintenance beyond the initial phase. This fire lay (or a variation) was a traditional fire used in the Scandinavian countries of Finland, Norway and Sweden. It was and is used as an all night fire lay for traditional type camping while using open front shelters. It is known there as "Rakovalkea" or "Nying". In English it would be known as possibly "gap fire" or "long fire".


  1. You know I'm going to want to try that now.

  2. In a couple weeks I will order a cord of wood for the upcoming winter and I'll ask for a couple un-split logs to try this on.
    I know it will not provide much of a flame but the hot coals all night would be welcome heat.

  3. Now if I can just get that to happen inside the woodstove in the house.

  4. You wood think by now with today's technologies someone would have a woodstove that could handle a double load of wood and control the burn to last 8-9 hours.