Saturday, August 2, 2014

Tire Pump

This simple device can be worth more than gasoline during a disaster aftermath.

After all even if you did have fuel but a flat tire you're going nowhere or if the roads are jammed with stalled vehicles or storm debris, a bicycle or small motor cycle may be the only transportation you have that is viable.
Remember in a SHTF aftermath you can't count on grid power or enough fuel to run your generator that "if large enough watt wise" run your air compressor to fill a flat tire. The old manual tire pump could be a life saver.

How would you fix a flat tire due to a puncture? Follow this link:

This is a Schwinn bicycle tire pump that I use. If you buy one buy a strong one because it takes a lot of pumps to fill a car or truck tire.


  1. The tire pump is probably made in China and the hose will be worthless in a year as Chinese rubber just disintegrates it seems. I went to the automotive store and got a good length of fuel hose and a couple of screw clamps and replaced the hose on mine, that stuff lasts for years and can take a lot of pressure.

    1. The only thing I've ever replaced is the square "O" Ring in the valve head after a lot of use. It's was a simple fix.