Friday, September 5, 2014

Pizza Pan Tested in a Coleman Camp Stove Oven

I think I have found the ideal baking sheet pan for the Coleman Camp Stove Oven. A 10 inch pizza pan. During my trial baking's I found that the oven needs the heat that comes from the bottom of the oven to circulate throughout the oven chamber to also brown the top of whatever your baking. For example two standard bread pans side by side will just fit but they block the heat circulation and restricts the heat rise to the top of the bread. Even though the bread is baked correctly the bread didn't brown properly and just doesn't look right. But by baking with only one bread pan in the oven the heat circulated properly and the top of the loaf did brown properly.

So back to the pizza pan. Being round it naturally leaves fairly large open corners for the heat to flow through to the top of the oven and do its browning job.

The pizza pan is not only for making just pizza but also biscuits, rolls, bagels, soft pretzels, cookies and just about anything you would bake on a cookie sheet pan.

I purchased three, 10 pizza pans as I will need them for a standard batch of cookies, bagels and pretzels. The three pans should handle most cookie batch sizes.

The new 10 inch pizza pan in the oven.

Here are some pretzel buns I baked in the oven a couple days ago. They browned top and bottom perfectly.

The name of the pizza pans:
"American Metalcraft CTP10 10" Coupe Pizza Pan - Standard Weight Aluminum"
Price: $3.19/each

Here's the link to the restaurant supply house. They also have everything you could ever want for food prepping.

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