Friday, November 28, 2014

How to remove a fish hook from a finger

Here are two videos showing the tools and method to remove a hook stuck in you or a friend.

Captain Vincent Russo Explains how to remove a fish hook & his personal First Aid Kit.

Capt. Russo has many very good and informative fishing videos including a newer way to filet a Red-Fish using an unconventional wide, curved, heavy blade knife. Very interesting. Plus it's a good excuse for buying another knife! :-)

How To Remove A Hook From Finger (REAL FOOTAGE!)
Angler hooks himself in the finger with a treble hook. Brad Wiegmann (outdoor writer) was on the scene with (ATF Pro Staff) Chad Lamberth and Nech Wilderness (founder) Joe Nech at Lake Fork in Alba, Texas when the incident occurred. Brad helps the gentlemen out by removing the hook and shows us the proper way to do so.

It is guaranteed that if you fish, some day you will hook yourself! what?
The important tool to add and keep in your tackle box is a new high quality pair of dikes or what I have is a quality heavy duty cutting force-multiplier wire cutters shown in the photo. Hear in Florida some of the hooks we use are big with sometimes three times the wire diameter of a typical bass fishing hook. You will need a sharp edged hardened steel cutting blade to do the job.

Before you assume that rusty old pair of dikes you have in your tool box will do the job, test cut (practice) on some of your hooks to be sure it will do the job and you understand the technique. Even sacrifice some old lures that haven't caught any fish anyways, this is a good excuse to get rid of them!! You don't want to wiggle the hook around while stuck in you or your friend causing more pain and discomfort.

Also practice this method in a rubber sole shoe like Capt. Russo shows. A little practice will make this a no-brainer when you or your wife must do this.

Serious wire/hook cutters

Maurice Sporting Goods FAK-1 Fish Hook Removal Kit


  1. Ok. I WANT to see the video, but on the other hand, I do NOT want to see the video. I am a complete wimp when it comes to fish hooks or slices. Pass-out kind'a wimp. I can shoot, skin, eviscerate and butcher an animal, but if I see a clean slice or fish hook (on me or mine), I lose it. Sad, isn't it?

    1. Yes, that is not so much sad as it is surprising considering you can dress an animal without blinking an eye! There is no blood or grown up screaming and crying in the video. It is however good to know how to do this simple lighting quick and painless hook removal.
      I guess it's similar to me. If I get more than 4 feet off the ground on a ladder my knees start to buckle, terrible fear of heights. I'm a pilot and have flown my plane without the doors on it cause it's fun. I really want to skydive but with an already damaged knee could put me on crutches the rest of my life. Go figure! :-)

  2. Mike,

    Easy to pull out because it's a bar bless hook. Not so easy and very painful with barbs.

    1. Your very observant, but the same procedure applies to typical barbed hooks. Yes it will smart but it's a quick way to do the job!