Thursday, November 27, 2014

Oil Lamp Care

Today I received this e-mail from Kirkman Lanterns about the care and cleaning of the burners and how to trim the wicks.
Worth the read.

W.T. Kirkman Lanterns Fall/Winter Newsletter

Hi Michael,
If you haven't already, now is the time to make sure your oil lamps and lanterns are ready for extra duty for the longer evening hours.  Cleaning the burner, checking the wick, and cleaning the globe or chimney will get your lamp or lantern in good order and ready for like-new operation.

A dirty globe or chimney reduces the light output of your lamp or lantern.  Generally, household glass cleaner will work just fine, but for globes or chimneys that are extremely dirty, foggy, or covered in soot, Tilex bathroom cleaner can be used following the manufacturer's directions.  Cracked or otherwise damaged globes or chimneys should be replaced with appropriate replacements.  Here is a link to our Replacement Glass Department.

A clean burner is essential for proper operation.  Burners that are full of grime will not allow the proper air flow, and will starve the flame.  To clean a grungy burner, remove it from the lamp or lantern, remove the wick, and soak the burner in white vinegar over night, making sure it is completely submerged.  Use a brass wire brush and #0000 steel wool to remove all of the grunge.  Once you are finished, rinse the burner under running water, then use a hair dryer to completely dry it.  Apply a coat of WD-40 to steel burners then wipe them down before re-wicking.  Brass burners should be lightly buffed with Nevr-Dull wadding polish to return them to their original lustre.

Contrary to common notion, flat wicks should be trimmed straight across for maximum light output.  For lamps and lanterns that have a burner that uses a burner cone, if a flame burns with "horns," the burner cone needs to be reshaped and made higher in the center.  Likewise if the flame burns too high in the center, the cone needs to be reshaped and made lower in the center.  Trimming wick with dog-ears or a "V" notch in the center only reduces the light output, and should be avoided.  To make replacing wick a breeze, trim the new piece of wick straight across, then apply 1/4 " of a 3" strip of masking tape to one end of the wick, and fold the tape back onto itself and wick, making a 1 1/4" long leader.  Trim the masking tape to the width of the wick, and insert it into the underside of the burner using it to guide the wick.  Once the wick is through the burner remove the tape and re-trim the wick straight across if necessary.  This method can also be used for round wick using a narrow strip of masking tape as a leader.  We stock one of the largest assortments of replacement wicks for all types of oil lamps and lanterns, which can be found in our Wick Department.

When refueling your lamps and lanterns, be sure you are using a proper fuel for safe and reliable service.  More information on fuels can be found on ourFAQ Page.

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Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Lanterning!

Dawn Kirkman

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