Monday, December 29, 2014

Swiss Army Trekker Knife Modifications

I did get a deal on this knife and it had a serrated blade which I don't like however for the price I knew I could correct that. I removed the serrations along with a few more tweaks. I made five modifications in total to this knife to customize it to my needs:

I needed to remove the serrations from the blade to have a plain blade.

After serrations removed.

The blade edge at the handle needed to be modified. I used my Dremel and the 1/2 inch diameter sanding drum and ground a slight finger radius there and rounded the edges. There are times when I like to choke up on the blade for finer work and this mod prevents my index or middle finger from getting cut on what otherwise would be the knifes sharp edge.

After modification.

The blades spine edges were polished and because of that small radius resulting from polishing it would not produce sparks from a Ferro Rod. I used my Dremel tool with a 1/2 inch diameter sanding drum and ground the spine down enough to remove the polished/radius edges and make them square and sharp. (The area between the arrows). Works fine now.
'WARNING' do not do this with a 'Non-Locking' blade otherwise when using it against a Ferro Rod the blade may try to snap to the closed position with your finger in the way causing a serious injury at a time you don't need to be seriously cut.

Sharpen the can opener so it cuts through the metal can top easier.

Sharpen both the screw driver blades by grinding the ends flat and square. Now after removing the small radii they bite into the screw slot giving much better twisting force without the blade wanting to jump out of the slotted screw head.

After screw driver modification.

Tools used:
A Dremel with a 1/2 inch diameter sanding drum. My electric drill with 2 inch diameter self-adhesive 180 grit sanding disk. And the last thing I did was to use Remington Oil and oiled all the joints.

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