Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Emergency Bandage (aka The Israeli Bandage, aka Quick-Clot)

I'm putting together a compact First Aid Kit for my vehicle, BOB and day pack. It will be a typical simple one mostly to handle simple cuts, thorns/slivers stuck under the skin or finger nail, stings, eye wash, etc. I'm not finished with my kit yet but thought this Israeli Bandage information was worth getting out to you now, while I continue to put my kit together. (I'll post the complete kit later)

I think it's a good idea to include one or two Quick Clot type dressings in a first aid kit for serious injuries from a machete, axe, buck saw, chainsaw or when ever an unexpected serious wound occurs when miles from help.

The brand 'Quick Clot' hemorrhage stopping dressing is somewhat expensive so when searching the web for the best prices I came across the Israeli Bandage for just $8.25 and being used by the Israeli Military was my first choice to buy.

Also they have put together an excellent video demonstrating how to use it.
Worth watching!

Video How To Use Link:

Where to buy Link:

Manufacturer Statement:
The Emergency Bandage offers first responders, fire fighters, EMS, police, Military, and other field personnel the highest level of wound site compression with a multi-functional dressing for uncontrollable bleeding.
Vacuum-sealed, low-cube packaging; quick and easy self-application.
Israeli battle dressing (IBD) - size 6 inch wide and 70 inch long.
Hemorrhage control compression bandage.

Manufacturer Link:

Manufacturers Photo (apparently not vacuum sealed for label clarity)

My photo of the actual vacuum packed and sterilized bandage 1-2-2015:

Note sterilized date and expiration date: Sterilized 07-2014, Expiration 07-2022 (8 years).

Rear panel with instructions. However the video above is much more detailed. Good to watch.


  1. Mike,

    We carry these in all of our first aid bags. Another good bandage to carry is the Halo Seals sucking chest wound seal/bandage. This runs about $16.99 a piece. This sealing bandage could save a persons life.

  2. We have these in our first aid kits, too. Also the Halo Seals. Also just got some blood stopping powder for animals....will work for humans, too. Will have to get some more of these them from Amazon.

  3. changing the subject again! did you know Israel invented thermostats for vehicles that when they go bad they stay open! instead of closed. A damn good thing to have in hot climates. thanks for the first aid tips!

    1. It's never a problem changing subjects. I do it often because it is a way we all can learn more. The thermostat is interesting and not surprising for the Israeli's they are smart people living under daily terrorist attacks and they keep their lifestyle going forward.

      I had to opportunity to work very closely with IWI engineers when I made all the back-up tooling and molded 100,000 sets of parts for their new TAVOR Carbine currently being used by their military.

      As for the first aid kit I'm trying to put one together to keep in my van and take with in a pack when spending a weekend in the woods that can handle small first aid issues and a major cut long enough until we return for medic help. The Israeli bandage fits the serious bleeding issues perfectly and is affordable. More on the kit coming in a later posting.